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Broken Bay & Beyond - Sunday 18 Feb


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Armed with fresh bought (not caught) squid, healthy yellow tail and prawns I headed out with a mate at the late'ish time of 7am to Broken Bay and beyond - Valiant Reef, East Reef, out to 150 feet of water straight out of Broken Bay then close in down around the front of Palm Beach for zip... the radio reports were of very quiet fishing, a few marlin tagged out wide and lots of Dolphins (not Dolphin fish) was the hum over the radio but not much action. The water was very smooth and the wind near non existent until 10:30'ish so it was a magic morning to be out in the 'blueish' water

Sat at old faithful Flint & Steel from around 11:30 just after the change of high tide and got 2 nice sized Shovel Nose sharks within 10 minutes of each other - nice enough to catch but throwbacks of course. Then my mate gets one on and we think another shark but it ends up being a jewfish. The last fish of the day was a very healthy hammer head shark around the 3 foot mark then called it a day at about 2pm but a nice keeper soapie Jew was a good result for what was a very very quiet day on the water.


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Can I borrow the ruler which measured that fish at 1 metre in length?

Um, I need to convince my girlfriend that I haven't been lying about the length of . . . well . . . a certain body part. :1prop:

But seriously Evan - a jew is a jew. I've never caught one despite many attempts, so you're doing better than me!!! Congrats.

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