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Wow - The Marine Industry Is Really Starting To Take Giant Leaps


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Searching the web this evening I found this....

FROM: YAMAHA MOTOR AUSTRALIA (http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/marine/index.htm?marine.asp)

DATE: 19-Feb-2007

Yamaha claims First 4 Stroke V8 Outboard and Highest Outboard Power Output as F350 Launched.

Yamaha Motor Co has taken the wraps off their new Four Stroke model, the "F350” at the 2007 Miami Boat Show.

The new four-stroke model “F350” is the first production outboard motor utilising a V8 engine and also delivers the world's highest power output at 350 horsepower, rated at the prop.

The new Yamaha F350 is the first four stroke outboard motor to utilise a V8 powerhead. With a displacement of 5,330 cm3, this model delivers a maximum power output of 257.4 kW (350 hp) at the prop shaft, which is the highest horsepower rating for an outboard motor in the world today.

Can't believe it!!!!!!!

I bet it sounds great!!!!! 5.3lt V8 mmmmmmmmm

Watch out :wife: 's

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If only I could beef up the transom on my Quintrex to handle 365kg I might get a few more knots out of the boat with 350Hp, what do you think? I notice in the article they have auto synchronisation for triple installations, now where talking!

I can see it now, sitting in boat engines burbling away, slam the throttle down and they just cut the boat in half and take off into the distance. Another Acme installation by the coyote.

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