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Kayaking Middle Harbour


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G'day Raiders,

Had a work function on Sunday where the boss took out all the boys for a kayaking trip around middle harbour. Took a couple of telescopic rods with me as I thought I would try my luck with a few lures.

As we headed up river we got hit by the wake of a boat and one of the telescopic rods fell overboard. Circled back but couldn't find it. Not a good start to the day as it had my favourite Shakeunderwatere reel attached to it. :1badmood:

Stopped for lunch at one of the small beaches where I flicked a few lures around the green channel marker for nothing.

After lunch we headed further up river where the shore looked decidedly fishy - nice deep water on a rocky shoreline. Trolled a merlin lure in tiger pattern around the shoreline and jetties and after 5 minutes of paddling I had a strike. After a quick fight my first bream on lure was brought to the boat. At about 23cm he was only a little fella but nonetheless I was pretty happy about it. :beersmile:

Fish was released to fight again and it was time to head back as I was the only one fishing and the rest of the boys had left me behind.

All in all a great way to see a nice part of Sydney and I may have to organise a few fisho friends for a fishing orientated trip in the future.


mr mojo

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