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Symetre 2500


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Hey guys, went down to balmoral today to have a spin for some frigates (didnt even see one though :1badmood: )

Anyway, about 5 mins into my session my reel starts making a little bumping sensation for every 2cm's i turn the handle (if that makes sense?)

Im thinking mayve a broken tooth of a cog somewhere , but dont really have any idea..

Anyone got any clue what it maybe, an how i could fix it?


Rob :1fishing1:

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I have a little diawa reel that does that, i have opend it up greased it all cleaned thoroughly, checked for broken parts all seems to be in order, my reel goes funny every 2 winds though, its a bout 17 years old i have learnt to live with it when i use it now.

cheers james

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Cmon on Rob! :1prop:

Do abit of research pull up the diagnostics for your reel, and give it a shot!!! I know it can be frustating but only way your gonna learn is try! If your not prepared to open it up yourself, 4 whatever reasons take it back an let some-else have a shot at it for you. But in the meantime grab a screw driver an have a look inside! You might even suprise yourself LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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