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Browns Mountain Gps Marks


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Hi Fishraiders,

Looking to head out to the shelf/Browns mountain this or

next weekend weather dependant.

Can anyone help with some GPS marks (WGS84) that they have used personally for this area?

(not from the internet/GPS books ) I dont want to steal anyones secret spots,

I just dont want to be heading 40km+ offshore to find out the marks I have are wrong....

Also any help with marks to troll and/or bottom bash on the way out / back in - launching from Middle Habour , would also be appreciated.

As would any pointers you have for this area (already got a few tips, Thanks Netic :) )

Not expecting a Marlin ( but will be trying for one all the same :) ) - would be happy with a stripey

a dolphin fish or even a small shark.

Please PM me if you dont want to publish marks in the forum -



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