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Boat Import Questions


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Roughly how much would it cost to get a 15 ft trailer boat shipped from America ?

What import duties/tax's do you have to pay?

thanks everyone

Laredo check the Yellow pages for Freight Fowarders , suggest you look for the big companies like DHL , Expeditors , Mainfreight etc.

They would also be able to assist you duties , taxes & handeling cost at both ends etc.

As a guide,

Freight is moved by volume so you need to find the total cubic mt of the boat when packed for shipment.

There is inland freight from the factory to the whalf + documation cost


Sea freight , approx US$250.00 / cm

Clearence in Sydney. The F.F. can handle this aspect , approx A$100.00 / cm

Delivery to your home or where ever. A crane may be required to lift the rig onto the trailor / ground

Not sure on the tax but will be at least 5% of the invoice price + the inland freight in the US

Add GST , 10%

Unless it is a super deal , suggest you purchase locally



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You also want to negotiate Free on Board FOB as this means they pay all freight pretty much till its on the ship. This can be a saving as they have much better domestic rates than you may be able to get.

Its not free freight as they will factor this into the price but it may work out cheaper.

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Had a friend Dave W just bring back a skeeter from the states, here is some food for thought he had a second boat put into the container as the cost then are half.

Just neeed to find someone else who wants a 15ft trailer boat :biggrin2: .

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