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Reel Sizes


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Hi folks

I have read many of the posts here from things to fish species, bait, lures & tackle. Something that comes up alot is reference to reel size. I see people mentioning 1500's, 2500's etc & was wondering what the numbers actually mean?

I realise a 1500 is smaller than a 2500 but in respect of what size reel for what purpose I'm lost. I recently bought a Shimano Chronarch 50Mg. This is (From what I can gather) a pretty small reel. I see some models in the shops have the abovementioned numbers as part of their model description but then others don't. Is there a general rule for sizes? IE - what denotes a 1500 reel?

My little Chronarch seems pretty suited to what I bought it for (Plus the tackle shop fella spent alot of time with me getting my preferences before recommending this particular reel) I fish mainly F/water & am keen to land myself a decent Murray Cod one day soon. I am just now learning (& becoming addicted to) the fine art of casting (Yup, I can now pat my head & rub my tummy :1prop: ) But I do occassionally get to the salty stuff & knowing my seriously unstoppable penchant for all things fishy I guess one day soon I'll be purchasing some dedicated salt water gear (Prolly cover most bases, bit of bait fishing, bit of trolling & some lure / plastic play toys)

Anyway, I guess I've covered what I really wanted to ask in the first bit of rambling, reel numbers / sizes have me stuffed. Any gurus care to enlighten this lil' black duck?

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I don't know what the numbers actually mean but your correct they are a size thing. I know that all companies are different ie shimano 2500 size reel is normally smaller in size to daiwa 2500. I think the size has something to do with the reel capaicty. I was told told the mechanics of a 2000 and 2500 size shimano are the same size but the 2500 spool has more line capacity ie deeper spool.

I wouldn't be surprised if i am totally wrong


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i'm with you randall,

i honestly don't know how they assign the numbers or if it's a bit like cars, you know just a badge. But i can concur that the bigger numbers generally indicate higher capacity, saltist 40 apparently is the same hardware as the 50, just larger line capacity. same goes for the spheros i just bought, the 12000 is the same but the 14000 has more capacity.

maybe someone from wattos (i think i've noticed them post occasionaly lol) could help us out a bit more


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