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  1. Working hard all day, dreaming of fishing all night.

  2. Mik

    Had To Share!

    "No matter how crazy fast we go boys, we're never gonna catch that bloody mad Greg!!!!"
  3. Billy, worth trying a Caravan dealer or even better a repairer. Can't say they will have an exact match but you never know, you might just luck out & find they use them in certain makes & models. They look similar to the ones we had in an old Caravan a few years ago. I think they were vents for the gas (Fridge)
  4. Tiz true mate that one of the "BOOFHEADS" range will be called the "Dixie Fried Chicken" and I truly hope that name itself will be enough to attract a better quality deckie I'm all but packed for Bermi already, jezz how sad is that! My old tin can as you so affectionatley call it wouldn't have needed to do that many klms to find fish in the first place Seriously though & all sledging aside (for two seconds anyway) congrats to ya's. I was delighted when Splinters told me about the days you guys had experienced.
  5. I don't really think calling them names is appropriate here mate, like it or not checking that people have the required safety gear is A) Part of their job & Something most people are more than happy to cooperate with if it helps keep fools & idiots off our waters. Some here may have been a part of or at least recall a recent post on this very subject, it was in fact at my request that the post be closed until the EXACT requirements & information could be passed on tho Raiders, there was a definate potential for members to get the wrong information on this subject so I volunteered to research it & find out. Unfortunatley I have found the same difficulty in trying to dig up exactly what is your responsibility as a boat owner with regards to fire extinguishers and in particular their maintenance & servicing. Its pretty clear what type & sizes you need but when it comes to maintenance & servicing its a real hard area to nail down. It very much seems to be open to interpretation & this for me is kinda sad as there is alot of paper regulations that dont really do much except cover the proverbial bums of the buearocrates. Having said that, I can tell you that during my investigation which is too date incomplete (I appologise for that, I'll take the wrap for the lapse in updates on this although I am still waiting for several authorities to return my calls & emails) one quote which pretty much summed it all up for me was that during standard on water checks, the relevant authorities would more than likely check "Gauge pressure, location & general condition" of any fire equipment on recreational vessels, however, a footnote was added stating that if (God forbid) any incident occured where an investigation was required then it would more than likely come to pass that a much more "Thourough inspection of all saftey equipment" would be carried out & that may well include what the service & maintenance was for that vessels equipment. The above footnote gave me all the information I needed to know (Even though it doesn't answer the real requirements question) and I have undertaken to ensure that all my extinguishers are serviced every 6 months & that they are checked in accordance with the manufacturers instruction. The fact that I use fire extinguishers for my work & already follow the recomendations of the supplier (Every 6 months inspected & serviced) for a low cost of about $4 per 1 to 4.5 kg extinguisher & $6 for 9kg extinguishers also helps make my decision easy. I do however understand that the question still remains as to what the EXACT requirement is. For my money, the biggest issue is the small, no name brand extiguishers that are sold across the country which don't have gauges, don't have maintenance requirements on them but still detail that they are compliant with Australian Standards. How the hell is the average Joe meant to know those extinguishers may in fact be outside the requirements? I am still working on a final & definative answer for all Raiders to reference, when I have it I will post it immediately.
  6. Nice effort guys. Dunno if you can answer this as it sounds like its not your boat, but do you know what that thing is attached to the rail? Is it a downrigger base?
  7. Bastards, I hate youse all! Oh ok, so I'm just jealous, well done to team "Reel Time". I knew you'd get into them & even better that your "LITTLE" nephew felt some magic too. You guys deserve it. And as usual great pics guys. Can't wait for tuna time! I guess all that great fishing really took the pain out of that "rough" ride home in the 'ol esky eh! PS - You won't be needing any bait next time thou, your "Reel Time" custom pushers are gonna be ready for you very soon.
  8. Fantastic job fellas, love it! Just out of curiosity, what was the bait & water temp?
  9. Hi Raiders Just wondering if anyone has some GPS marks they care to share via PM for the Port Stephens area? I have some friends there at the moment who are looking for some areas (They are Raiders but no web access where they are staying) Looking to bottom bash for snapper or even live bait for kingies. Distance from shore isnt an issue. Would be greatly appreciated guys thanks in advance. Regards Mik
  10. Hey mate, have a look at this post, as most have said, there is no real fixed position but rather a general area where most bait is found & thus the hordes gather round to get into the action. Previous post for this question
  11. Glad to be of help mate. Just don't forget the wheel nuts!!!! I had an unfortunate incident recently, got cut off at an intersection (3 lanes & the fool wanted the lane I was turning into) end result one bent axle stub after running up the centre island & missing the traffic light by millimetres. I was away from home so no tools. Found a trailer repairer who found a second hand axle for me & fitted it in a few hours, I was very grateful for the speedy repair, until I got 3 blocks from his workshop & one of the wheels flew off, side swiped a parked car & missed a female pedestrian by inches whilst it shot past her at shoulder height doing about 70 klms/hr.......the colour drained from her face instantly & she had to sit down to recover, so did I! I am certain if it had of hit her in the back of the head she would not have recovered at all. Man I had nightmares over it for a few days.
  12. Mik

    4000 Posts

    Congrats Roberta, your posts are always a great read, informative & detailed.
  13. Mik

    Outfitting A Tinny

    Bez Mate before you go fixing things around your fuel tanks check this post out. Its recommended that you refuel out of the boat on the ground, building your tanks in might not be your best option. Athestetically (SP?) it is unsightly I know, but the old saying "Beauty knows no pain" could come adrift when you're 50 feet in the air with your bollocks ablaze from a fuel explosion Fuel Tank Post
  14. Mik

    Ferrule Wax?

    Greg I use dry graphite powder too & its ok, you do need to reapply it every 2nd or 3rd session though but it definatley helps getting the buggers apart agian.
  15. Nah he wasn't fishing mate, he was drunk & trying to "Watch the sunrise" (Another way to say "I'm a very stupid person")
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