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Botany Bay 23/2/07


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We were getting them from the schools working the surface.They wern't as shy as the frigates and would smash the plastics.You must have found a patch of better fish holding at the hot water outlet.Spoke to some other guys at the ramp using live squid and yellowtail at the heads and in the bay and they didn't even get a hit.Never fished the hot water outlet,have heard some good reports from there over the years.Might have to give it a try.

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These Kings we found were not on the surface at all,

they were holding just off the bottom at the hot water.

The surface activity was about 300mtrs away and as i said

in my report we couldnt hook up on anything,i even had

the same sp's that were successfull for another raider a few

days earlier in another report,they got zilch :1badmood:


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