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The Entrance Beach


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Went out there at dawn yesterday I was attempting to catch some live tailor in the bay for bait before the sun came up but had no luck so I bought some pillies and hit the beach. 20minutes in i got my first hit It was a samon a lot of fun to play especially with my dads passed down beach rod 15 foot with an alvey and about 700metres on 9lb line i was hoping to catch deweys but samon will do i caught 3 in all on 1 small bag of pillies one 65cm, 64cm and a 62. So if ya want to check it out now i think now is the time.

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Well done, K1ngf1sher and :1welcomeani: to Fishraider. The salmon are always pretty common off North Entrance, normally there are some tailor mixed in - shame you couldn't get a couple for slab bait. Don't disregard putting a fillet of salmon on your hook - I've heard of jews caught on salmon before.


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