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Top Ender For Breamin Etc

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone can relay their experiences (good or bad) about breaming out of a top ender style boat.

Considering a future purchase and am feeling a little hesitant about precision casting and controlling (with an electric) off a deck that is not at a level with the gunnels.

Don't get me wrong I am still working on the precision casting thing but do they allow you the same freedom around morred boats etc as the flatter style bream boats?



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Some will say that the sides are too high as they prefer to be much closer to the water level without high gunnels getting in the way....however i like the topender style with the added security of the high gunnels incase you are in rough seas or want to chase big kings offshore or something


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Matt it comes down to what you will be doing more of.

I bought a stacer Pro Tour Elite a few years back only because i knew id be fishing for bream and bass more than heading to the heads for kingies, that saying i do still use the boat for kingies and samlon but just on calmer days.

You have answered most of your questions in your post.

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Matt, I have a 480 Topender and very happy with it. It is a great compromise especially given that I like to get my kids out on the water as much as I can. It is very capable of towing the kids behind on a biscuit, handles the chop well and is a surprisingly dry boat.

95% of it's use though has been for chasing bream and I have no issues with casting and controlling the electric. I have used this boat to compete in the squidy's series this year as well as the summer series.

Criticisms of the boat:

The main thing I would change is the rear deck. I plan to build and install a removable rear casting deck with fold down seats and possibly a livewell in the rear.

The standard livewell is OK, but it leaks all over the front deck in the chop. 2 weekends ago when we did the run back from Hawkesbury into pittwater we lost half of the water from the well. I have seen some mods that others have done, so this is not a major problem.

1 thing I would recommend is to get the largest electric you can. The dealer tried to sell me a 55lb but I settled for a 24V 74lb motor - remember that the sides are higher and they do catch the wind.

If you want to take a look or come out for a fish in it sometime drop me a PM.

cheers, greg

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