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Botany Bay And Cape Baily Lighthouse.


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Hit the bay today with dad at 8:00am.Found some fish working in the middle of the bay but they would only follow the small metals.Changed over to a three inch soft plastic and hooked up straight away on some frigates but the hooks kept pulling.Then the kings moved in and we had a ball pulling in kings around the 59cm mark on light tackle.The fish went down so we dropped some crab traps off and went out off the lighthouse.There was a light north current running and the fishing was very slow.There was a long wait between bites but we did manage a good feed.We got a morwong,two jackets,two goatfish,a trevally and a fish that I havent caught for a long time a bastard trumpeter.We moved back into the bay and went for some bream but only caught heaps of small snapper.The wind had picked up so we called it a day and went to pick up the traps.Only had one crab,a female with eggs which went back.

Pic of the catch.


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Bastard Trumpeters...are they so rare to catch ?

Sometime last year I was fishing with a couple of mates off Manly Wharf and first thing we pulled out was a huge Bastard Trumpeter...it was easily close to 50-60 cm fish...we didn't know what it was...even a local old guy who fished there for years said he hadn't seen that fish before in his life...we determined the species the next day...the fellow who caught it also claimed it to was delicious to eat and one of the best tasting fish he'd ever eaten...

Why aren't more caught or seen ?

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Hi Billy,haven't been to the cliffs since we were there.Have been on the boat for the last two outings and I will but going offshore for the next few weekends(weather permitting) in search of a marlin or some dollies,but if the conditions are good for cliff fishing I will definately be there.

Flattieman,Capt Hook

I haven't heard of many bastard trumpeter being caught either so I don't think they are to common up this far.I didn't even know they exsisted until about four years ago when I caught two from the same area I caught this one.They range from Robe in SA,all around Tasmania and up to NSW as far as Sydney and grow to about 65cm and 4kg.They're great eating and fight really hard.

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