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Lilli Pilli


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Hi Guys

Went to lilli pilli this morning arrived at around 5am to find that the wind is blowing around 25knots and non fishable of the wharf so went on the rocks towards the parked boats and waited forsunrise.

As the sun came up a big school of fish were goin crazy for a few secodns till they went down started throwing small metal lures at them and managed to get 2 frigate mackerels real quick and lost around 5 then around 30minz later got 1 nice size one on 2kilo line which went hard.

The action died out abit but can still see the frigates chasing the lure but not goin for it so decided to leave as the time now was around 9am left with 3frigates 2smalls and 1around the 45-50cm mark.

Sorry no pics didnt take the camera as it was raining.

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Guest IFishSick.

Hey mate I was there this morning having troubles with my line tangling up.

I was off the warf, fishing it like a man in the wind and rain. Got a bite on the squidgie at my feet by the frigs when they came in to play but didn't put its mouth over the hook.

Were you the guy in the shirt and shorts or the one throwing metals under a float?

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