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Storm On Saturday Evening


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Hi guys,

After fishing at the entrance on Saturday I drove back to Sydney.

It was absolutely pouring down the whole way and got much worse when I got closer to Sydney.

I could not see the markings on the road at one stage.

Did anyone else get caught up in the storm?

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The storm cell came right over my house and then out to sea. The light show was amazing and even better when it blew out over the ocean. I stood there for about an hour watching the lightning strikes across the sky.

I tried to get a picture of it but only managed the last bit of a strike...it turned the whole street into daylight.



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Yeh what an awesome light show

I had front row seats anchored up in the middle of Port Hacking

and it came through realy quick and dissapeard (so I thought)

another storm cell came through about 45 minutes later and nailed us

when I saw Lightning hitting Iron rock in the national Park about 1 1/2 ks away

I said screw this boys we are Off very wet and cold and even worse

No fish :05:



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It was a good one out my way :wife: was checking the radar when lightning was going on and the computer screen went blank Looks like it may have done something to the monitor Any ideas out there Im hoping it may only blown a fuse

Ooooh nasty Iceman. I hope you have a surge protector on your power board as lightning can do some

serious damage to computers.

I always turn mine off when electrical storms are near...better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some tips on what to do when lightning is around Tips

I hope you didn't fry the mother board.


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The storm was definately a good one. The sky was a lovely shade of green at one stage. We had a bolt of lightning hit the middle of our street. Thank god there was nobody outside at the time, and it missed the power lines and poles. Blacked everything out for about a minute, but no damage done. The smell of sulpher was really strong outside.

By the time Ross and Brett got home it was on again so we sat out on the front steps and watched it all roll past again. Thats what summer days used to be like. Hot during the day and a nice cooling thunder storm in the afternoons.

Mrs FM

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