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Syd Harbour Sat 24/2


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hey raiders

hit the water sat in search of some kings,

had a family bbq on sunday so the "pressure" was on to deliver some FRESH fish hahaha

seen netic and downrigger 1st thing in the morning and exchanged a few words

and seeing that oz got 3 or 4 squid in the dark well things sounded good

but for us it was slow but in the end we did well..

squid were far and few between but we persisted and snatched 8 in a few hours so it was

time to chase down some kings..

tried a few different spots around the moorings and markers

we converted 7 squid 2 fish as id given the 8th squid to a fellow raider

to try help them land a king.. but to our dissapointment the biggest king went around 66cms

and managed a FAT sambo at close to 70cms...

we kept 3 for the BBQ and released the rest...

all in all not a bad morning on the water.. my lunchtime the harbour was FULL n i mean FULL

of sail boats so it was time to head home..

cheers steve


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Well done Steve, shame more kings couldnt come out to play....Your doing very well with the squid mate, well done

thanks mate is was an good day out there always PLENTY of laughs..

specially the NETTING accident that we had hehehe..

thanks to guys like u im learning more and starting to show results so thanks heaps



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