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Port Hacking


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Hey Noah,

There are some good ramps around the Port but the one closest to offshore would be the one at Tonkin Park, Cronulla - ajacent to Cronulla Marina.

Look up street diretory for more as there are many up and down the river.

As for spots check the latest reports - the Hacking's going off!!!!!!

Spots such as Lilli Pilli and South West Arm will be good for this weekend!

Enjoy and Good Luck fishing a beautiful river :1fishing1:

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where abouts is south west arm?

Groperman, you would have to be in a boat & if you know south west arm right hand side just before and accross from the 4 not zone were all the boats more up the end. good luck.

PS have to fish before the skiers turn it into a washing machine.

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