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Lb Squiding Central Coast


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Does anyone know of any good Land based squiding spots on the central coast, i was thinking of trying putty beach any other spots that come to mind?

thanks guys

I've tried at the boat ramp at Norah Head - didn't catch any, but the guy next to me got three - my jigs were too small for the strong current.


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Oh a friend of mine who catchs them all the time said ettalong is a real good spot if ya go at night you can just catch em in a net the location is east north east of from the main shops just head east down the road there probably about 100metres or so and there is a boat moring place i believe you will see a sign that that indicates this on your right the sign should say "andersons boat shed" head down to the water and off ya go. Night time is best he says with a torch and a net. Ha you can then head out for some jewie action afterwoods with the liveys lol.

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