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Run Aground


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When you run aground, what can happen do your engine?

I was going really slow luckly when I did, like 4knots or so (night time).

Next day i started the engine and realised there is no water coming out the back of it through the hole. What should I be looking for?

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Check your water pump, the small jet/outlet, the hose and impellor for blockage.

Last weekend when we ran the motors the port motor didn't have water coming out, we discovered we had fish eggs blocking the small hose to the jet :1prop: weird i know.

cheers james

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That small hole where the water comes out is called the tell-tail. It is there as a quick visual to ensure the water pump is working correctly and water is getting to the top of the motor. If there is no water coming out it is more likely that when you ran a ground you have picked up small amount of mud/sand/grit and it is now causing an obstruction.

Start the engine and get a small piece of wire (about 30cm long) similar to a pipe cleaner and stick it up the tell-tail to try and dislodge the blockage. This will usually work 9 times out of 10.

If the blockage is not cleared and no water comes out of the tell-tail, I'd be looking at the water pump/impellor.

Good luck.

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Mate you should definatley check your engine thoroughly or have someone look at it for you if you are concerned in any way.

However, I had a marine mech show me something I didn't know about my engine recently (Which isn't too hard as I know zip anyway) He was running it in a tub setup in his workshop & explained that the water jets at the back of the engine will not expel water until the thermostat opens & allows this to vent. I beleive this would be to allow the engine to heat up suffeciantly first. His comment was that basically I should wait till I see the water coming from the rear jets before engaging prop or revving it. I'm not too sure but I think he said "Older model engines" when refering to the thermostat but I could be wrong on that. It could be that your engine simply isn't warm yet & you're over anxious about running aground.

NOTE: This doesn't mean you shouldn't check it or have someone else check it for you. I guess I'm just trying to be optomistic for ya.

Good luck & I truly hope all is ok, no one likes to spend unecessary monies. Better spent on buying tackle. :biggrin2:

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thanks guys, ill check it out by this weekend! Hope its just a small blockage as i just paid of ra full sservice :(

Another thing to try is to see if you can send some compressed air up the tell tail. This will usually dislodge the obstruction and hopefully the flow improves.

Use this if the wire treatment doesnt work.

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