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Power Tilt And Trim


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I had a 1986 120hp Evinrude which is basically the same motor as far as i know

The tilt and trim has relays for up and down. These might be sick ?

If the hydraulic motor is chattering on and off, or simply fails to tilt up or down occasionally it might just be a sick relay, failing to switch. (or a simple wiring fault between you switch and the motor)

The relays are basically a automotive type. Just check they have the right pin configuration on the bottom.

They are similar to what you get in some car driving/spot light packs. About $10 from any automotive retail outlet, auto electrician etc. Much cheaper than any OEM Johnson relay for what appears to be the same product.

There is 2 relays. One each for up and down.

If you have decided your hydraulic motor has packed it in, just ignore my comments above :)

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ok thanks for the advice fishingrod,

im pretty sure that its the act eletric motor itself as when ever it stops a few taps with a hammer on the eletric motor and it gets going again.

we looked at taking the motor off and its almost impossible to get the eletric motor off the power tilt and trim,, unless there is a secret way ????????????

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What you might try before taking the motor off , is to connect the motor directly to the battery , bypassing the relays. If it still plays up , you have probably found the cause. If it spins up OK , check the relays as previously mentioned .


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If you have to whack the motor/pump to make it work it sounds alot like the brushes in the motor are sticking and not making contact.

It really is a simple fix if you are keen to sort it yourself and have a basic understanding of electric motors.

PM me if you want to go down that line and I can talk you through the basics.



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