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Guest lets go fishn

Deep blue, Have you got on to your local Coxcraft dealer and asked for these problems to be looked at or have you decided to have a winge and try and damage a very reputiable companies product first.

I have a lot of expriance with the reef runner currently use one with a 115 tldi Tohatsu on the back, performs very very well, I would think some of your problems arise from bad set up, every one blams the Boat Manufacturer no one thinks has the motor been balanced to the boat. is the boat balanced with all your gear in it. These boats like a lot of weight forward in certain conditions.

Are u using Front and side Clears for the weather ?

What are you really expecting from a 5.4 M boat ?

I do find mine a little wet at times but the ride is exceptionally good, very very soft ?

I have been boating for many many years with many different boats. This boat has it's good and bad points as do they all, you should get the rig setup checked out. These hulls perform very well for what they are if set up right.


I couldn't have said it better my self.

It has to be the set up as i once owned one and put on a 2stroke with no probs.

Take it back to the dealer and if there genuine they will help you rectify your probs

Good luck in sorting it out.


Hi there fellow raiders

( Vxleather )

first of all I do not think that by putting a post on this site about my boat is winging, it was a way of finding out if there were people out there that may have had the same problems or people out there that may have a solution to some of my problems . The part about ( damage a very reputiable companies product ) I thought was a bit of a joke and also the part ( every one blames the Boat Manufacturer ).

The reason I think it is a joke, you hinted that may be I should have got hold of the dealer before I put the post on ( winge )

Well let me tell you I did better that that I got in touch with Cox’s craft them self and of course they were really helpful they told me I should take it back to there dealer and go through some of the problems with him. That was all well and fine to I told them that there dealer was no longer in business and at that point I did not get any further correspondence from Cox’s craft.

So don’t tell me that I was trying to damage a very reputiable companies product.

But I would also like to say thank you for your input


Get them to reconmmend you to there prefered dealer.It might cost a little of your time and maybe some $

but im sure it will be worth while for you.

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