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i dont like it :thumbdown:



Did you watch the last round of the '06 V8 supercars???

Rick Kelly in the above pic posted and Craig Lowndes were nech to neck for championship points and Rick Kelly basically barged lowndes off the track which buggered lowndes's car giving Rick the points to take out the 06 championship over lowndes.....what dont you like? ahhh must be a Holden fan, shame on you, have we possibly started WW3 with the Ford and holden battle here??

"Behind Lowndes Rick Kelly either braked too late or went for a gap that wasn't quite there and hit Lowndes, pushing him into the side of brother Todd, with both Todd Kelly and Craig Lowndes sent into a spin.

Rick Kelly escaped unscathed, Todd managed to rejoin safely in 13th while Lowndes, broadside in the hairpin, was hit heavily in the front by Will Davison who was left with nowhere to go, badly damaging the steering on Lowndes' car, giving it several degrees of toe out. Lowndes completed the lap in 15th but was 23rd one lap later.

For his part in the incident, Rick Kelly quickly received a drive-through penalty, dropping him to 30th and last place, but while his car was undamaged and still had speed, Lowndes continued to struggle and drift down the order, dropping to last after pitting on lap six.

From there on it was a matter of continuing for both drivers, Kelly making slow but steady progress to finish 18th, while Lowndes pitted two more times for front tyres to finish four laps down in 29th."



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He got a black flag drive through penalty.

as they all got all season for bad driving.

rules are rules

not saying what happened looked good but he got his penalty.

as did lowndes for his non readdress at indy

and verbal explosion at stewards which really cost him his


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