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Port Hacking


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hey te

here fellow raiders

we are heading off to the hacking this saturday and putting in at the ramp at gymea,

any one know off and good spots in the hacking that are going off at the moment ???

I'm taking a friend for his first fishing experience to the hacking saturday morning :) No idea where to go, seems to be hit and miss depending on the day they could be anywhere?

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yeah ive found that also in the past always hit and miss but ive found 2 spots that i always bring fish home from.. there both hard to describe but il get the gps markings this sat when im there and post them on sunday for you.. 1 spot sits over a really small reef the area is about the size of my boat .. :074::074: and i always catch good size bream and leather jackets,, and the other spot is not far away where i catch plenty of black fish,, .. but im looking for the whitting and the big fish this saturday ??

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Guest IFishSick.

Mate I'm doing my best to get my mate to bring his boat out.

Otherwise I'll be down the baths again try once again to get those Frigates.

Just don't want to play ball with me, although havn't seen anyone catch more than 2.

Otherwise around the weedbeds of mainbar with nippers for bream, whiting and flatties.

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