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Another Battery Question


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Hey guys, might be a stupid question but..

apparently our battery is hooked up to the motor , so when running it also charges it. (apparently)

just wondering if i would also have to tacke it out and charge it myself just incase?

Also, when the boat is not in use for say 2~3 weeks, do i have to disconnect any wires to stop it from draining?

Thanks :thumbup:

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Usually , the alternator on your motor charges your battery whilst it is running. As alternators on Outboards are notoriously small in output , it is not a bad practice to give the battery a good charge the night before you take the boat out.

You can either disconnect the battery from the circuit when not in use , or fit an isolating switch , which will do the same job.


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Good advice from Flightmanager there.

My motors have been over 115hp and i typically run at least 45mins each way from the ramp, so the batteries normally get a reasonable charge both ways.

When its warm i go out every 1-3 weeks and have never needed to charge my battery between trips.

Admittadly over the last 10 years I may have put the charger on over night a max of a dozen times, but thats only if im been planning a night fishing trip and havent been out for a month previously.

My last 2 batteries lasted 5-7 years using this method. Thats running 2 radios, nav lights and a bait tank pump.

Each to their own. Maybe Ive had a lucky run. I know a lot of people like to charge up the night before.

Just make sure you disconnect your motor from the battery before connecting the charger. There is a small chance that you might blow the regulator or something inside if its still connected.

PS, dont forget to check the fluid level in the battery at least quarterly. Make sure it is covering the plates if not 5-10mm over.

I think you need to get out in the boat a bit more ? I keep reading your Cliffton Gardens Wharf reports !



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If you have not got an isolater I found that for arround $25 yu can by a solar trickle charger with a voltage regulator. Just hook it up and leave it on your battery when you are not using the boat.



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Most definately it's a good idea to isolate your electronics when charging. Most chargers produce well above 15v and therefore, may damage delicate electronics, such as radios. As mentioned, an isolation switch is a great investment and definately comes in handy as a quick 'go, no go' in relation to power.



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