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Salting Prawns


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I have a question concerning the salting of prawns. Must they be green or is there also benefit in thawing frozen prawns, deheading and peeling them, followed by salting and refreezing? Is it desirable to mix some sugar with the salt?

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salt is a preservative it is used for preservation mainly with prawns and you salt them while there raw I must admit though i do like the salty flavour and the wife dips hers in salt when she is eating them. I am pretty knowledgable when it comes to food and i dont reccomend the thawing and refreezing of seafood as it gives too much time for bacteria to grow giving it a higher risk of getting some tipe of food poisoning. dont quote me though

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When I get home from fishing , check what bait remains & if still in good condition give it a good rinse in fresh water, place it in a container , cover with salt water , lid on , rinse the out side of the container with fresh water to remove any salt then into the freezer.

The salt water I use is sea water I fill into a 2lt container when out fishing

Bait is well preserved for the next outing


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