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Fluro Boat Clothing


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I have recntly noticed the popularity in boaties wearing fluro "workmen" shirts when boating and I don't know why???

Is it they are waterproof, highly visible or are people just coming home from work????

Cheers if you can shead any light!


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a) they are visible

B) they are generally long sleeve, and most work shirts have very high uv protection

c) they are designed to breath

d) they wik away sweat

e) they are cheap, or free ;)

all in all, top shirts to wear when your in the sun all day

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I wear mine all the time, and it has nothing to do with work..lol..

As already mentioned, their tollerence to the sun is great and ability to breath is also a great bonus when outside all day in Sydneys loves 30degree heat!

Also a great idea if your rowing too due to visibility.


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