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H.t.rocksmore Pics

Ray R

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post-3371-1172974406_thumb.jpgHI RAIDERS, had a heap of fun drifting around H. T. Rocks this morning. Got smashed by flatties , 6 in total with a few dropped as well. I kept a couple to feed my ravenous sons. The plastic that got hammered is a berkely 5" jerk shad called Pepper Neon. I'm gonna try to attach a couple of pics. Hope the info is good for fellow raiders... Cheers Ray R...
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Guest IFishSick.

Great work mate, I havn't had much luck with the GULP's lately though, bummer

But there's some inspiration for me :1prop:


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Wow Ray, those flatties are just AWESOME!!! Must have been a real hoot bringing them in.

I bought somes lures from fishfinder Tony last week, itching to have a crack. I've not ever used lures before so should be interesting but you have surely given me some inspiration.


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Lovely flatties there Ray...Well done. :thumbup:

Hope to see a few more like them soon.

The best eating fish in the sea in my opinion.

I see you use my favourite reel too...The Stradic...good man



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