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Kingys But Not Many.....


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Sunday morning myself an Greg launched @ Tunks at 4am where we meet up with Kingsrule(Rob) an his Dad gave them a hand launching there boat an took off for some bait!!!!!

Three hours of squidding for just a lonely squid!!! Got it on a wattos LED jigg :thumbup: !!! Bugga this,, put a bait jigg down for some yakkas.... Got 5 yakkas in less than 20mins,,,, once again thanks Wattos, bait an squid jigggs u sold me on friday :yahoo::thumbup:

Bolted straight for the same spot as yesterday! Two hours later, our squid was GOONNNE ! Bloody peckers :ranting2: !!!!!!!!! An our yakkas had been killed an spat by rats!!!!!!! Not happy Jan. Decided to get some more yakkas aout 10am, as we were sounding big bait schools! Couldnt get one!!!!! mind you could c them in there 100's!

Headed back to the same spot with no yakkas an some frozen squid in the bottom of the esky(Greg was very hungover an threw everybit of bait in the esky the night before)Yahoo!

11am first drop saw me boat a legal 60cm kingy,,, sigh of relief!! 2nd drop with greg double hookup!!! I got burned bigtime! :ranting2:!!! We just boated gregs fish,,, thank gawd,, it was wrapped round the anchor which i pulled up an was holding in 1hand whilst im diving with the other hand for a tail shot on his kingy 2ft under,,,,, Got the :ranting2::1badmood: an busted his leader off holding this kingy to some cheers from a nearby pro after 3mins of @#$^@_#(!^$&@$#@!%$. Two kingys boated overall an both were legal


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