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Port Botany Expansion- We Need Your Help


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Hi Guys,

We need help from the recreational fishing community of NSW to secure a better deal for recreational boaters and anglers of NSW than the one being offered by Sydney Ports Corporation in relation to the Port Botany Expansion.

All of the relevant documents that catalogue our disappointment with the process can be found via the link http://www.ansansw.com.au/HotTopics.html

I would appreciate it if you could take the time to read them and if so inclined support my anglers in securing a better deal than the one being offered by SPC.

The following are the issues I would like to see support on include;

1. A guarantee that further community consultation will occur on the design of the new boat ramp facility.

2. A guarantee that as a minimum 130 car and trailer space will be retained as dedicated parking.

3. A new carpark will be built to accommodate Foreshore Beach users.

4. A fishing platform will be provided at the new boat ramp facility.

5. A guarantee that both parties will work together to enhance recreational fishing in and around the Bay.

6. That appropriate community compensation be paid for the loss of 60 ha of Botany Bay, either in the way of a new ramp or an additional fishing platform in the area.

We are not against the Port expansion, just want a better deal for having this on our back doorstep and having our ramp, 60 ha of Botany Bay taken away and another approx 60 ha of exclusion zones. All this in our Recreational Fishing Haven. We feel that the problems are easily fixed and will not cost much in terms of the overall cost of the Port expansion to NSW taxpayers.

We have been fighting this battle for a while now and only last week met with representatives from our Port Ministers office, but we need more pressue applied - visit the link


make up your own mind if we are getting a fair deal and send a letter, email or call the people responsible for the Port Expansion and express your dissapointment. We have been involved in the process for many years and after many years of promises from SPC, we have been shut out of the final planning stages. You will get a public carpark on Foreshore Rd, with a boatramp as an afterthought if you do not act now.


Stan Konstantaras

South Sydney Amateur Fishing Association - President

Australian National #####ing Association- NSW Branch President

Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW- Secretary

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