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Clifton Gardens 5/3/07


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Got up today at 5am to go fishing - went back to bed at 5.05am after checking the weather.

Sat around the house until 2pm waiting for a break in the weather which didnt come, so hooked up the

boat anyway As I woudlnt be out long I left my downrigger & squid gear at home, and put in two rods the Giant Killer with 50lbs braid and the Nibble tip with fresh 6lbs line launched Tunks Park and was at Clifton Gardens by 3.15 after a 5 minutes stop to get some Yakkas at Balmoral - first time i've used a bait jig - worked great

Set the anchor 50 metres east of the white can over some nice arches on the sounder, chopped up and through in handful of Petrol station pilchards dropped down the yakka on the big rod.

After the line snapping on the Nibble tip last weekend due to user/technical error on TW -

I was keen to land a king on it in my boat. So out it went - no trace just 6lbs line running straight to

an el cheapo no4 hook with a nice defrosted and freezer burnt petrol station pilchard head, followed

by another handful of chopped pillies for good measure.

So I'm holding the rod with my lefft hand and chopping more pillies with the right when the rod loads up

and the line starts screaming off. First off towards the rocks then back towards the boat straight towards

the braided line of the giant killer - So i am fighting the fish with one hand and crankign up the other rod

to get it out the way. 5 mins later a 65cm king is netted

So without even retying the line out it goes again with another pillie head to see how many fish I can

catch before the line snaps - 2 More runs from kings (didnt hook up ) Landed 2x Bonito

plus three bream which were all at the back of the boat waiting for more hand outs - I put on a clip on

c-sinker and got some bigger runs but then the weather had picked up and I was out of pillies so headed

back to the ramp. Not bad for a 1 hour session and the nibble tip certainly did itself proud.

Got back to the ramp just as the rain hit, and the lightning started as I was driving home.

All through Clontarf and also the moorings around Tunks parks birds were working and I spotted a few bait balls and more arches on the sounder - so probably woudld have done OK in Middle harbour as well.




For some reason the pics didnt attach first time round....


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Nice report and a fantastic one hour session.

That nibble tip must have had a nice bend in it with the kingy on the other end.

The good old servo pillies strike again!! The kings must have been peckish this arvo.

Great session.



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Rob -

No leader just 6lb no-name brand line all the way to a no-name brand hook tied with a

clinch knot.

I spent so much money on fishing gear lately I just wanted to see if I could land a

king on my cheapo gear.


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