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Hawkesbury Pipi Bed


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For quite sometime I have been hearing that somewhere between Elenors Bluff and Juno point there is a Pip Bed? Does anyone know if this is true and possibly the location?

My Dad is a keen angler and is getting on in age and would like to find him a nice boating spot around Brooklyn. Does pretty well at Berrowa but is keen to find something up that way and prefers to target Jew.

If the above is true well there would have to be Jew there?

Many Thanks

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There is a pipi bed there... I have been fishing there with my grandfather since i was in nappy's...

Good spot for Bream, Flattie's and school Jew. Have also run into many schools of Hammerheads at this spot for a bit of Fun. I know the exact spot but hard to describe... Look for a Huge dead Gum tree thats fallen into the water, then drive out far enough with your thumb out in front of you and line up Lion Island and Flint and steel headland so its a thumb width apart... Hope this makes sense... Once you have those coordinates drop your anchor and you will be fishing the pipi bed... Live Nippers seem to be the best bait for this spot in my 25 years fishing here...



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