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Pittwater Rats


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Here are a couple of 65cm kings we caught last saturday. a perfect morning on the water and pittwater had little traffic too. took an hour to land a squid and then we stripped him up and 20 min later we're on to a double hook up with both of us yelling at each other to get the net. after several minutes of mayhem both fish are safely landed and it was my mates first king.


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nice kings there kbark, its good to see that the kingies are still there.

i was watching kingfish secrets last night and it was fitting that i would see this report in the morning.

well done again.

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it was mayhem...only a 3.4m tinny with little freeboard and 6 rods banging around.

yeah...we were stoked as you can see. going to try again on friday. can't decide on pittwater or cg...

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