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Where Does One Get Trailer Tyres From


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Hey guys, i got a flat yesterday on my boat trailer.....it has small wheels on it...id say about 10 inch and it is a 5 stud pattern...I presume its a holden pattern as i put holden bearings in it.....

Do i have to change the whole wheel or just the tyre....

And where would i get a wheel from and do normal tyre places keep these in stock???

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sorry mate my tinne trailer has mini (as in the car mini) wheels their 10inch but they have a 4 stud pattern so yours wont be mini wheels i got some falkens $75 each fitted from bob jane, but if your boat is pretty heavy you may need a more heavy duty tire, although probably any tyre shop could order some in and fit em up 4 you!

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Hi Netic,

I got Kumho tires from Tyrepower for my 10inch rims. Mine are 5 stud holden pattern as well (holden bearings).

They've been great and I've had them for 3 years now without any problems and they have hardly worn at all.

I think any of the tyre dealers would sell them although I had to order them in.

Can't remember them breaking the bank either.... :biggrin2:



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hey netic

if your local tyre guy dont have what you need check out carasel trailers in moorebank (newbridge rd) they have everything you need for trailers including wheels and tyres. good bunch of blokes they"ll help you out

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