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The Kings Are Getting Bigger & More Of Them?


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Hi Raiders,

I've been off line for a while and have come back to read more and more reports of the Sydney Kings. It seems that the big ones are becoming more and more prevelant, especially in the Harbour. Can anyone recall them being as numerous in the Harbour at this size. They have always been about near the heads and off shore, at good size but, now they are showing themselves to the poor old LB guys, and it seems just to bring tears and heart ache as they swim by putting their fin(ger) up as they go.

Any aggreement that the recent (a number of years now) trap bans and now commercial ban in the Harbour is going to make Sydney a fishing mecca?

I have friends who have spent thousands going to the top end, with little result, only to go out in my tinne on the Harbour and get blown away.

What a wonderful country we have. :thumbup:


Brian P.

PS: Anyone get out on the night of the QE & QM 2's. Maaaaaaaaaaadness but what a great sight!!!!!!!!

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Mate there is a definate increase in the numbers of larger Kings...i cant remember the last season when i have been dusted 2 times average per trip.

The trap bans have definately improved kingfish numbers and each year the kings are grower a little larger, i hear atleast 15 stories a week now of 1 metre+ kings being landed or lost in Sydney, and in my opinion it will only get better each season.

We live in a great city where we are fortunate we have some great sport fish right at our doorstep......

Im sure in the next couple of months as the rats fade away and the hoodlums stay around a touch longer we will see monster landed on a regurlar basis....

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