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Balmoral - Clifton 08/03


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Got to balmoral about 1.30

Must say what i saw was pretty nuts, although i had no hookups , i was getting follows from longtom, frigates, bonnito,tailor , a salmon and a pack of rat kings.

I has a few good hits just to hookups( :1badmood: )

about 3.30 all went quiet , so i walked over to clifton.

A bloke i knew already had a couple of watson's leaping bonnies in his bucket which was a good sign.

Soon after i was hooked up to something, which turned out to be a nice fat frigate of 43.5cm (my PB :yahoo: )


After that , mum rang n i had to leave at about 4.30.

On a side note there was a HUGE school of white bait in the pool at clifton, awsome to see, the ban in netting has done absolute wonder for the harbour this year.


(click on photos to enlarge)

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