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Gps Problems

Osprey Rider

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Hi Fishraiders,

I have a finder/gps combo which came with the boat (humminbird Matrix 17), its abit out of date compaired to what you can get now a days but it does the job.

The problem I have is that I can't get the gps side working, which it was (I have all my old co-ord in it. very valuable) . I have checked all the connections and wiring and I have a suspicion that the antenna maybe cactus.

A new humminbird antenna will set me back around $250 which I think is a bit steep to be spending on this combo, the problem may not even be the antenna.

I was wondering if any of you guys may know if there are any after market antennas which will work on this combo. If I spend $80 - $100 and the antenna isn't the actual problem then it want hurt as much as $250 or the :wife: .

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Not sure if this is possible but maybe take your boat to a dealer who has the antennas your talking about.

They might let you hook it up to your unit to check that that is the problem before purchasing the antenna.

I was able to do this with my antenna but i returned the boat to the dealer it was bought from.

Good luck :1fishing1::1fishing1:

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