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G`day Fellas ,

Collected a miserly 44 Bucks for our effort today , but we agreed to give It a try for 3 months , so We must soldier on .

Gotta admit I dont like these big Race meetings filled with Group I`s etc, etc , too many chances , and most of the time , the top 5 in the Market finish that way.

Horses for courses as they say.


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G`day Fellas ,

Tyrone , in relation to the Quaddie , we did a dummy run for about a month Investing 4.oo per meeting at the Provincials and 40.00 on the City meets.

The return was encouraging , but at this point its still just a Novelty at this stage , though I think we would need to win at Least 400/500 in the next 5 weeks to keep going.

The thing is , the Vics bet a million Bucks on the quaddie on those big meets , but NSW Punters have not yet began to warm to it , currently they invest $5 to our one .

When some lone Punter in a TAB at His Local Bowlo in NSW wins a cool 1/4 Mill , then things will change.

Of course when the Pools do finally merge , then it will take off for sure.

Might have a bit of fun next , by taking a 6 legged Parlay for A $1.oo Unit (57.00) or perhaps a 5 leg parlay(

26.00 ) and the other 14.00 on the Quaddie .

Just going to Paddle along for the time being.


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Hey Mick studied the form for tomoz. I had a good look today on the train home from Uni.

Qauddie Race 6- 1-Shaft



Race 7 2-Divine Madonna

3-Fashions Afield

8-Tuesday Joy


Race 8 2-Mustard


10-Gold Room

Race 9 1-Diego Garcia

3-Just Mambo


14-Amory Lane

Thats my qauddie for the day. Ahaha may have a go at an all up Calidan,Forensics,Desert War and Warhead to win. See what happens good luck anyway.

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