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Worms And Blackies Caught After One Lesson!


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Hi guys

We have just waved farewell to our American buddies - arrived last Sun and we basically have been either on the water or fishing the breakwall or beaches every day since!

They enjoyed a couple of paddles in the lake & couldn't get over the beauty of Wallis Lake. Had lunch on the lake on one of the cruises - always a fantastic day! I took them down to Seven Mile Beach & showed them a beach worm - Well, Tony was hooked!! Wouldn't leave till he got one, & he did .... unassisted, on his very first lesson! Brilliant! Shame the fish didn't aread the script. Couldn't even lose a bait and there were fantastic gutters!

Then I took them onto the breakwall to have a go at Blackfish. They gathered their own weed & I showed them how to roll it & put it on the hook & off they went. Tony caught the biggest of the day - a nice fat 35cm with the fattest belly I have seen! Ursula caught a couple of small ones & both lost one. I caught a few, including one that had an even fatter belly than Tony's, but it was a bit shorter.

We went to Tuncurry to toss some sps at flatties, but they didn't co-operate either ...... hence my addiction to blackies! I am usually assured of a feed, whereas with the others, it is a bit of a guess!

So, all in all, a great time was had by all! They have gone home tired, but happy!

Better still, Tony is keen to continue with the float fishing, so I sent him off with a fully weighted float - told him it should also work well with a worm on it for bass fishing (near his home.)

Also found a US site that looks awfully like a blackfish!




What do you reckon??



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Yes, Roberta - those sea chubs and halfmoons are quite closely related to our blackies - they all belong to the same family "sea chubs" :) . I once read in a magazine that Americans use peas as bait for their sea chubs - supposed to work! The author of the article used peas here for decent results too! Sounds like your friends had a ball. Well done on the blackies. :thumbup:


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......i hope the blackfish are around when the raiders come up for the social.....

Hi Johnno

Plenty of blackies still out there, just waiting to be caught. Are you coming up?? The place I fished yesterday & today is one of the 'secret spots' I shall reveal on the Fri night before the Social starts!

Over the last 2 days, I have put all fish back except for 3 today, that I kept for a meal. All up, I must have landed at least 10 legal & 10 again a bit shorter. Lots of fun.

A couple of big schools of mullet came by as well - they were sucking the surface, & if I had some bread to throw in, may have caught some.

Today, I also hooked what I thought was a better sized fish - then thought it was a drummer as it fought so hard - only to be disappointed when I saw it ........ it was the biggest 'Happy Moment' I have ever seen! I wasn't too keen to touch it, so just played it in the water till it dropped off. Second thoughts (after it got off) was that it could well have been a Raider record for a Happy Moment!

Not long after, I caught a pike! Talk about variety on weed! It must have thought the weed I was retrieving was a bait fish, I guess.

All the while, there was a monster blackie defending his territory (yesterday & today) shooing away any other fish that came close to his lair. This was right in front of where I was fishing & he would have been close to 2kg, I reckon. He wouldn't look at any bait I put his way - he was in very shallow water - perhaps only 4-5ft & clearly visible against a sandy bottom.

A few of the local blackie fishermen are coming out of the woodwork to check out the possibilities. Seems they are getting heaps further up the lake, in a place not mentioned!

See ya


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Gday Roberta. I was fishing up at Forster on the weekend for bream but saw heaps of Blackies in the Hells Gate and Wallis Island areas.

Hi gibodfisho

Hope you got into some fish? What were you after? I've often seen big blackies in the lake but haven't really targetted them there yet - only from the breakwall, so far.



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