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Last Minute Arvo/nite Session Sat 10 March


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hi raiders,

after not being able to get on the water for a month and missing all this great fishing me and jessam decided at 4 pm on sat arvo we would go out and have a flick at some of these channel markers, so off we go , get to the ramp see offftap with his HUGE rig , quick chat and were off. Get near balmoral and its a bit messy for our tinnie , but we didnt care as we were away from the :wife: and on the water.

anyway by the time the wind died down it was just about dark but we had 1 squid so we decided we will try get some more.

ended up with 10 in the tank, dropped a few and ink in my hair......to go with my ink in my face last time i was out.

we had a nice run our live squid which we were hopen was a jew, but was a piece of sh*t eel. any way a nice relaxing little evening session and a bit of bait for this weekend.

if any raiders want to know where and how we got squid pm me and i let u know



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to bad on the eel my heart was pounding when the line was going,stoping ,going,stoping.knew it was'nt a jew was hoping to be a flattie but a f------g eel :ranting2: .well we got sqiud for next week weather permitting.hope i did'nt get you into shit with your :wife:

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