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Live Squid Vs Strip Bait


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the last couple of sessions out on pittwater i have really struggled to find some live squid.

have heard that you can use squid strips on a down rigger and was wondering if any one has tried it and had any sucess?

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Mate strips will work well...especially in Pittwater but they have to be strips from self caught squid....

When you buy squid from the tackle store or seafood shop and strip them up they have a pink tinge to them, the ones you catch do not......

In saying that Sal caught a nice 90cm king in pittwater on a crappy looking servo squid strip once...but i think those catches are pretty rare....

In the harbour this season Strips have been doing very well, perhaps better then full squid, if you can catch one squid you can strip him up and turn him into 4-5 baits which will result in kings.....

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