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Ok so Im selling my current boat and hoping to upgrade it soon!

Some of you might know i was looking at a bayliner or something similiar.

I want something that is semi classy, you can lay on the deck, have a drink, ski, and go fishing outside the heads too.

Something like this maybe?


Second hand of course. With a boat like the above, would you recommend going outside the heads fishing with it? Even though its a bowrider?

Any suggestions on what boat, make etc? It needs to be around 12-1500 kgs so I can tow it, the less the better I guess.

Thanks :)

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Mate if you want a nice boat that you can show off and use for fishing i would recommend something like a 5.60 metre alum bowrider....my mate got a Stacer bowrider 575 2002 model with all the extras...bimini, Colour sounder, Colour GPS, 115 Yammi, great trailer etc for about 22k.

We go to browns in this thing and it rips the seas up.......Perfect for Family days, Great for fishing, Handles like a dream and it is light to tow...

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Looks like it's back to the old Fibreglass v Aluminium debate for you Locodave. For my 2 bobs worth, I've got a Bayliner 2050 with a 220hp V8 which I'm very happy with! :thumbup: Comfortable to fish out of, great for the family, good ride, good on fuel and will pull three skiers out of the deep. Would I take it outside? I'm a bit of a woos, so probably not. It might be OK on a good day with a bow cover though.

Good luck & happy shopping!

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