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27 Mhz Antenna

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Either side of your craft will do. Try and make it as high as possible. The higher the better.. Also, think about vision too while driving as most antennas will sway around a little bit. Think of ease to take on and off if your thinking of a movable one.


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What sort of radio did you get and how much did it set you back as I am thinking of doing similar. My boat has a mounting for an antenna on the front port side.

Hey Lasty,

i brought a GME 27Mhz radio and antenna for about $270 or less i think... im yet to use it as i havent installed it... hopefully will do on saturday morning :) but i have read the book and it seems easy to use (touch wood) hehehe

PM me if you would like to know where i brought it from because i dont think i can mention names on here :)


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It doesnt really matter what side.

If you have a low boat and always go into high wharfs on one side, you might want to mount it on the opposite side so it doesnt break if you get slightly "under" the wharf when docking.

You might not want it waving around in front of your face either. Thats personal choice.

Ive found that my nav lights and anchor light reflect very slightly off the white heatshink covering. So i normally fold the antennas back at 45 deg when im traveling at night. (as this gets them out of my line of sight) I like the smallest amount reflections to give max night vision. Ive also got my instrument and compass backlighting on a switch to kill them.

Some of the GME radios have have a very bright display that could get annoying at night. So bear that in mind when installing the radio (if you go out at night a lot)



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Most modern radios have a dimmer function , for use at night. I hate to say this , but you may need to RTFM to find out how to do it !! ( RTFM = Read The Friendly Manual!).


Not the ones on my boat !

Ive got newish, but basic ones with conventional LED displays.

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