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Australian Salmon Are Not A Pest


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My Response to the NSW Daily Telegraph today, suggest you all try the salmon recipe at leasty once.





Australian Salmon are not the pest Mr Clarke is making them out to be, rather he is one of the few anglers who has the ability to target other more desirable species like Mulloway and Snapper, for the other novice, elderly or younger anglers , these salmon are a bonus recreational anglers are cashing in on. No one is surprised that after removing the commercial effort the Salmon are making a comeback, and I would rather have a great white eat a salmon off Stockton Beach rather than a swimmer. With most of the commercial fishing stocks at the point of collapse, it is not surprising that the commercial anglers want back into a market they have been kicked out of. Our local tackle shops are riding the salmons backs in a wave of fishing tackle sales, fishing licences are being purchased and most people can now go out and catch a fish or two for dinner. After selling our salmon for bait and catfood, the commercial industry now wants to export them to Asia, what do we get in return, Mekong Catfish.

Australian salmon are a great table fish.

15 years ago no one was eating Yellowfin Tuna until our Asian neighbours showed us how, 15 years ago no one was eating baby Octopus or Squid, until our Mediterranean mates showed us how, now we want to send our Salmon over so our SE Asian neighbours can show us how. I have gone one better, following is the best Salmon Fish Cake recipe I have tried, my Singaporean mate passed this one on.

Australian Salmon Fish Cakes

1 clove garlic

1/2cm piece ginger

1/4 large red capsicum

2 tbs sweet chilli sauce

300gm salmon (roughly cut)

50ml coconut cream (not milk!)


1 egg

3 spring onions

1/3 cup coriander leaves

plain flour

vegetable oil


Process chopped garlic, ginger, capsicum, and sweet chilli sauce.

Add chopped salmon, coconut cream and a pinch of salt, and process.

Add egg and process again.

Place in a bowl

Finely chop the spring onions and coriander leaves, and mix with the fish


Place in the fridge for 2 hrs to firm up.

Form patties and lightly dust with flour and shallow fry in a oiled pan.

Drain on kitchen paper

Serve with Jasmine rice topped with a sprinkle of fresh coriander leaves and

decorate plate with sliced cucumber.

Once again commercial interests see $$$ and that's it, another species to exploit. I have visited the tackle shops and seen what money is being generated by these 'pests', I have taken my nephews and mates out fishing, and yes we have caught a few salmon, they have saved many a fishing day. I hope that the Minister sticks to his undertaking at lets the full 3 years of research be completed before we make an educated decision on how best to manage this fishery.

As a club, we spend thousands of dollars visiting places like Narooma to fish for Salmon with our kids, nieces, nephews, wives and club members.

I am no scientist, but it is quite obvious to see, no commercial fishing effort and our fish stocks make a recovery. What gets up my nose is that we are happy to export them and import the rubbish from overseas.

My final tip, go and catch a salmon, ice it down, bleed it like you should all fish and try my recipe. If I can stop one family going to the fish shop and buying a piece of Mekong Catfish then I will be happy.


Stan Konstantaras

Australian National #####ing Association - NSW Branch


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I agree

Salmon a pest ????

They are one of the few things that will get me out of bed before 6am!

stick it to those pollies, most of whom which i am certain have never fished before.... let alone fought an australian salmon on light gear, its a buzz one cannot explain...

Yes fishing creates food for people, but unlike most people i fish for sport, like alot of you guys here...

why punish us becoz they apparently dont taste good?

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we have many customers who come into our store that only chase these fish.

the recipe above looks well worth giving a go


all fish can taste nice if you add a litle sweet chilli sauce to them :074::074:

Rocks taste good with Chilli!

I am sure that there are a few Pacific Island recipies out there that would be great to taste, things like lime, lemon and ginger are made for the humble salmon.

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Well said Stan. I read Stinkers comments in a mag recently about Salmon & was suprised they went to press.

Catching a Salmon is better than catching nothing. On light tackle they are great fun. They are a true sportfish & anyone who's caught one knows how hard they go.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion though. I believe his would be of the minority.



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I caught some AS the other week for the fisrt time and man what fun to see th fish you have just hooked launch out of the water like a marlin. Awsome fun and mad to eat.

my recepe

1tbls flour

1tbls butter/marg

1-2 cups milk

1tsp salt/pepper

1 clove crushed garlic

1 lemon

2tbls olive oil

sauce directions

melt the butter in a small pot carful not to burn it add flour and stur until the butter and flour are in 1 ball (more flour may need to be added to do this) careful not to let it burn then slowly add milk a little bit at a time and stir it through then a little bit more and stir it through if you add the milk to quickly it will go lumpy. When all milk is added to desired thikness be sure to bring it to the boil stirring constantly. Add salt, pepper, garlic and a sqeeze of lemon. Be sure to taste it you may want to add more for your desired taste e.g. salt, garlic, lemon. Put lid on and set aside off the heat.

fish directions

fillet and skin the salmon Dont forget to trim off all the blood then shallowfry in the olive oil probably about 2 minutes each side (now the fish will somewhat stick it takes a bit of work to keep it in one piece but it can be done)

serve and top the fish with the sauce and serve with chips or salad YUMMMMM

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Salmon bled on caputure and iced - then before cooking skinned, and every piece of red

blood cut out , when you skin them there is still a lot of blood under the skin and this is what

gives them the strong fishy taste , fried in some butter and garlic or any other way the flesh stays white

and taste great. Same with fish cakes - all the blood needs to be cut from the flesh

leave unbled in a bucket all day, cook it with the skin on or dont cut the blood out of the flesh and cook it

the flesh goes brown - and the result is a happy cat ! as you certainly wont be eating it.

I do a lot of cooking and its funny, people that have never heard australian salmon

tastes crap absolutley love it! And ask if they can buy it at the markets - (Yeah for $3 kilo vs $40 for Dory)

I'm happy to cook one up whenever the next Raider social is held at Clifton Gardens.

(great venue whoever picked it!)

BBQ'd with Corriander,lime,chilli,fish sauce and palm sugar dressing

I doubt anyone wont like it......


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