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Best & Easiest Knot


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I'm doing the surgeons knot atm however I have just gotten a new rod and the knot really makes casting distance and accuracy go out the window as it gets caught on the end guide.

I am using a Daiwa Heartland 6'6' graphite rod that is an IM6 blank!

What do you guys suggest for this knot tying retard (me)


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double uni knot still has resistance when going through guides and you wont be able to get that optimum cast you are searching for.

if you really wanna fang the arse off your SP, HB or bait to the horizon you need to know the albright knot, and know it good...

check it out at the knots link at the top of the page or CLICK HERE!

my own version is slightly different, and i think it works just as well if not better


Thanks for the link, mate. I didn't know that the Albright was that easy! I'll have to try this one out!


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Got shown that knot (Improved Albright) when I bought my new Chronarch. Even I found it easy to tie & remember, now that's a simple knot!

The one I'm having trouble remembering is the bloody loop knot. Shop guy said "Oh yeah, and once you've mastered the Improved Albright you can use this (Lightening fast demo follows, with fingers a blur like my head on boxing day) Its even easier than the Albright"

Yeah right, how did that go again (Ultra slo-mo replay follows from different camera angle sees me tie my fingers togther & wonder how I'm gonna present "THAT" lure to fishies)

I'll get it one day.

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As most of you know I'm a fan of the Albright & have shown a few people how to tie it. :biggrin2:

However, I have found that on finesse gear after alot of casts it can just let go. It also isn't the strongest of knots for light braid.

I find for a straight join the uni to uni is the strongest but it is chunky. A simple blood knot to blood knot join is very good with 12 turns for the braid & 10 for the leader.

The very best knot for strength & casting is the 'ducknose' knot. The only downside is that you have to double your braid. Not a problem for those who were at the workshop last night as both the plait & bimini twist were taught.

Take the end of the double in the braid & lay your leader alongside it. Pinch it a couple of inches up from the end of the loop & wind the tag back down over the double loop & the leader 8-10 times. Then simply pass the tag through the double loop & pull tight. It is amazingly strong & the slimmest of all knots.

It is great for very heavy braid & leader as well.

For a quick & easy join in 3kg + braid & the Albright is still one of the best.



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this is houw i tie mine

enter through loop of mono (always wrap with the braid)


wrap around the mono going away from the loop ( i find 7 times to be the magic number) and bring tag end of braid back down to the entrance and exit the loop so that the tag end goes out the way it came in (forming what would be a reef knot)


pull tight slowly, shrinking the loops, and lubricate


easy peasy, i was teaching this simple knot at the FR workshop last night, try it and you will get up to 25% more to your cast especially when using finesse gear


One of the first things I learnt when learning to sail (Sorry I know you hate sailors) was don't trust a reef knot. It is called a Reef knot because... reefs = danger to sailors.

Here is a quote from Grugs the knot link at the top of the page. The Reef is referred to as a Square knot.

"There have probably been more lives lost as a result of using a square knot as a bend (to tie two ropes together) than from the failure of any other half dozen knots combined."

So...Do the extra wraps provide more strength? Considering that the weakness in the reef knot lies in when it is not under pressure and the lines have the opportunity to relax and come apart. Probably not!

I have been having a bit of trouble with knots lately as I have been trying to learn new fishing knots because I have swapped over to braid, I think as a result I got swamped by all the info on this site and others like it and I may have disregarded my basic instincts and training as a licensed rigger to just keep it simple.

Extra twists and wraps do not make a knot stronger, what gives a knot holding power (not strength) is where it bites back onto it's self and where the pressure is applied. I regularly use the simple figure of eight knot in applications where people’s lives are at risk because I know that it will not and can not fail because of its construction.

It's back to basics for me, I am going fishing in the morning and I am going to try and scrap what I have learnt here and try the old basic knots that I trust peoples lives (and my conscience) with.

First will be the round turn with two half hitches a knot that has never failed me lets see how the braid goes with it

I will let you know how I go.



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Well I have just attached my leader to my braid using the albright knot! I had practiced a few times beforehand and hopefully have done it right!!!

Will let you all know how it goes!!

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