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After The Hawkesbury?


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Ok my buddies and i have been all around the Hawkesbury over the past 6 mths, and all we get is the usual small squire and small bream. the occasional flatty worth taking home, but other wise not alot. We have been about Bar point, under the bridges, flint and steal Juno and the like and it all seems to be small stuff.

Not asking for rod benders, but is there still decent fish to be caught in the hawkesbury.

oh and fresh bait is bought every time..lol

Cheers twoducks

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Guest lets go fishn

ok mate to answer your question.

there is still plenty of fish in the great river and some of the biggest Jew, bream and flatties are on offer.

mate just from reading your post its quite obvious you and your mates dont set yourselves a particular fish specie to target with your great range of fish cqught.

now what you do is decide what fish you are after then do your homework on that specie and choose your correct rigs for the specie and baits.

good luck mate

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