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Home Invasion


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G'day John ,

Mate , I am absolutely shattered by your bad news. I cant help you with the car or the jewellery , but , Rods I got . Whatever I got in the rack is yours for as long as you need it bud , I've been there , and done that.

Love to Heather and Lillian , hope this doesnt spook them too much .


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Hi John, Heather and Lillian,

Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Thank god you three are okay.

When we were broken into, the cops told us to canvass the local porn shops. Not to take the stuff back but to report it to them straight away and they would retrieve them for us.

Hope that the low life mongrels that did this get what they deserve.

Cath (Mrs Flightmanager)

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Very bad news buddy,

Unbelievable that they did all this while your family was asleep.....

Well hopefully you will sort everything out with the insarance company and get all your stolen gear replaced.

Just thank god your family is safe as it couldnt been alot worse.

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i would like to say "unbelievable" but unfortunately in this day and age its not. your probobally lucky you didnt wake up and confront them. (might of had that maddock embedded in your skull) i hope you were insured fully.

Low life bastards should be hung. I had a mate that had a similar experience, he was living 10 mins up the road from you in Blackett, his mrs heard something, he got up and picked up his sons cricket bat just as the A holes kicked his door in. he said he was belting one of them with the bat, but it had no effect, can only assumke they were wasted on smack and couldnt feel the pain. they only retreated when they heard his mrs ask to be connected to the police on the phone. needless to say he no longer lives in Blackett. mind you, you sort of expect crap like that in such an area. although hassel grove is a respectable neighbourhood. its a sad fact that scumbagville is just up the road.

i feel for you though mate. i hope they catch the bastards. i know id want blood

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Sorry to hear of your bad news. You are lucky that you didn't wake up and disturb them

I hope the Police are able to track these bastards down.

I have to agree with Boofhead it does help to get along with your neighbours and watch out for each other.

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I have dealt with quite of bit of this crap with my work. A few practical cost effective things that work well. Simple $20.00 window deadbolts from Bunnings, Deadbolts for any sliding doors. Sensor Lighting that monitors the areas around your house and a good old hand held air horne kept handy to your bed will frighten 6 months growth out of anyone you find sneaking around your house.

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