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Went out towards the hacking today, went wally's wharf, no space for the car to be parked so moved to lilli pilli, wharf was full, moved back to wally's wharf, still no space. >.< Found some wharf next to the surf life saving place, and stayed there for about 2 hours. Tried helping my friends out with their fishing cause they're really inexperienced, no luck for them. When I wasnt helping them, I threw in a line and basically got a small snapper every time, of course it went back in, but they weren't too happy. They thought maybe using my rod would work, so they tried, no luck. I used a different rod configured to my liking and I just kept getting em. In the end I got bout 10 within 2 hours while helping everyone else....PLUS I GOT MY FIRST KINGY. Only measured about 30 cm but even when I hooked it I knew it wasn't the ordinary bream or snapper and man I was ecstatic to get it. A mate took a few snaps with his phone so hopefully I can post the pic up later somehow, but that made my morning, before a crappy afternoon/evening at work. :1fishing1:

They were constantly curious bout the bait I was using. We used prawns, then whitebait. Everyone was complaining how the whitebait falls off. I wasn't complaining too much especially after I was still hooking and got the little kingy on it :D

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Guest Aussie007

weird theres kingys at wallys warf its very shallow but suppose there coming in for the plenty of squids congrats on the catch tell ya mates to smell there fingers after touching white bait it smells like shit lmao i used it once never again no matter how good a bait it is :1prop:

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