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Flatties & Mullet


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Hii guys

Such a beautiful day yesterday, I just had to put the yak in the water & have a paddle. Rising tide, nice high one, so what else do you need for a good session?

The mullet were everywhere, so got 2 nice big ones & one small one on my mullet float. Once hook got busted off by a strong one. Got the squidgies out & hooked 3 flatties - put2 back & kept one. Gave all the fish to my neighbour, as we still have fish in the freezer (nice blackies!)

Just loved it out there - got a bit of sun on the face (even tho I wear a wide brimmed hat) so am a bit pink today! Really must remember to put the sunscreen on ..... last on my list of 'to do's' unfortunately!

Will be out & about again shortly!



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