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Botany To Browns 20/03/07


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Left Oatley around 6.00am and went straight to get some livies, it took the best of 1.5 hours to get 10.

We decided to head to the Peak and maybe have a jig and drop some Yakkas down for Kings, when we arrived there was already a couple of boats jigging and the Pro’s were there, the guys jigging did not appear to be having much luck but I saw the pro’s lift a nice king into their boat, there was nothing on the sounder so we decided to troll to 12 mile through to Browns and comeback later.

We had a full spread of lures out including a pink & white feather on the shotgun, just past 12 mile the shot gun goes off and a few minutes later a lovely little striped tuna comes aboard. We continue on about 5km away from browns the shotgun goes off again except this time we are loosing line at an alarming rate, all the other rods are bought in, the fish is going down, when the hooks pull :ranting2::ranting2::1badmood: .

We once again start to troll get everything back into position, and continue onto Browns and then back to the Peak for nothing :thumbdown:

Decided to have bash at the Peak even though there was nothing on the sounder and the sounder was right not a touch, thought I would put a livie out, they are all dead I had forgotten to turn the live bait tank on :1wallbash: when we started trolling, cut them up for bait and found why the wouldn’t bite to well in the morning they were jam packed with berley.

We tried a few other spots on the way home for bottom fish but only managed 1 rock cod, it was unusally quite

Anyway it was a great day on the water we did about 150km and saw no surface activity for the whole day, water temp varied between 22 and 23.4 and we used 95 litres of fuel :thumbup:



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