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Farewell Kingie Express


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Great stuff Kelvin!! Saw you guys pull in a few while we were there, our squid kept on getting picked off! I like that float rig that you had, allows the bait to find the kings rather than the kings find your bait. How long was your leader? (didnt look longer than 1.5m?) We got 5 kings between us at the quarantine marker as we spent most of our time at the fad for 2 lone dollies.

Funny you mention the squid clinging on to the jigs, we had one do the same to us and this one squid followed us right to the boat but wouldnt strike the jig and we brought him right to the surface and just scooped him up with the net! Also did that with a large jacket at the fad!


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That float got us the strikes when all the other methods went quiet. It is a great way to fish another line and a great way to search out an area.

I keep my leader very short. Only about a meter on this rig. Since I am not downrigging and since the float doesn't exert any pressure on the kings, they don't normally take off for the bottom when they snaffle a bait. Unlike downrigging, you have the upperhand.

On one fish I saw the float go down but since I was hooked up on another fish I couldn't get to the line. I left it until I landed the first fish. THen I wound the float in really slowly. The kingie didn't offer any resistence with this softly softly approach. ONly when he saw the boat did he bolt. At this spot there is a reef that comes up so a softly softly approach on light gear certainly proved useful. I was only using 14lb gear on my saltiga dorado and certate 4000 combo. Didn't lose a fish that day on this rig.

I was using strips to maximise our squid supply but often send out a whole live one. Pretty good way of fishing. Can't get the blackfisherman out of my system!!!Cheers Kelvin

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Well as your apprentice for that trip I wanted to know why you didnt rip any jaws out ... at least with the 80lb gear we were running at the heavier end...

much fun was had...but it will be nice to get back into your Noble... hope the beggers at Mercedes get your tow bar sorted "this week" finally...

Look forward to our next trip (PS looks like I have a new job which might give me some fishing time free ...possibly on Wednesdays :1fishing1: )


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