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What Are Raiders Doing This Weekend?


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What are all the raiders up to this weekend? the 24th/25th march 2007

For me i will be working Saturday again :1wallbash::badmood:

Sunday i want to go for a fish.but

wife might have Jobs for me sunday

What ever you end up doing, BE SAFE.



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Basketball in the morning i i wake up! Its been a long week, im dead tired already!

Then I have a wedding on saturday, although I wish I could just sit back and relax!

Sunday computer networks around my housse! So its another full on weekend :mad3:

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Guest IFishSick.

Yeah Sunday looks like a prep day for the following week.

Give the motor a run and clean the boat out.

Make more rigs, get lures ready, change rusty hooks.

As for Saturday though, chasing squid and frigates at my new spot.

Going out this arvo to get some gear ready for em.

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Studying for my year11 half yearly exams, well i will say that but havnt decided if it is going to happen :1prop: , other than that mowing the gardens and bluding around.

cheers james

get your bloody licences mate!

Im 50/50 fishing botany on saturday, and if its not fishing then ill make a trip to my tackle store and gear up on some heavy leaders, swivles, hooks ect (for jewfish and kings)..and a new top guide for my hairtail rod (old one broke already :05: )

sunday working.

good luck to all fishing, and i hope no one is going out wide on sunday ; the weather is looking shocking at this stage

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Going to be trying for kingies/bonnies down at clifton gardens on sat morning

As the others said , sunday looks shocking at this stage so might make a trip out to the tackle shop.

Tight lines guys :1fishing1:

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Finally I will have a Saturday Free in Sydney , so the plan is for #1 Son and I to hit the harbour early , and see if we can better the catch from last time !! I have 3 new rods to blood , so we are very keen to get amongst it !!

Will be putting in at Rose Bay at 0530 , if you are out there , give us a call on Ch 96.


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Guest Plastic Fanatic

Throwing poppas amongst the oyster racks and praying to the Gods that when they get hammered we can drag 'em out again! :1prop:

Last weekend managed to land 4 very good bream, 1 whiting and 1 flathead, (all on poppas amongst oyster racks) at the cost of one $12 poppa!!

Best of luck to all and look forward to seeing some 'new entrants' appearing in the Fish of the Month.


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Check out the weather report .... big southerly coming through on Saturday arvo. 20-30kn winds not easing until Sunday arvo. I am very pissed off.

My brother catches the ferry to work from Manly to the Quay and he said it is been beautifully calm all week and then the weekebnd weather Gods go and spoil it with a bloody southerly. I had a leave pass from Mrs. Lopod and everything. Might go for a LB squid session around the Spit.. hopefully it will be sheltered in there.

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